Curling registrations for the January programs/schedules can be completed at the Club.
Hours of operation are Monday 9AM-3PM, Wednesday 9AM-1PM and Friday 9AM-noon.
Call the Club at 881-0709 for more details
Anyone entering the Club MUST be double vaccinated and proof must be presented.
The Walkerton Golf & Curling Club WALKERTON GOLF & CURLING CLUB
HOURS OF OPERATION: Sept 1 to Oct 31: Daily 9 AM to 5 PM
Nov 1 to March 31: Mon 9-3, Wed 9-1, Fri 9-noon
Our Ammenities


Walkerton GCC Flyer
Walkerton GCC Flyer
Walkerton GCC Flyer
Get your tickets for the Port Elgin Men's Ontario Tankard! Click here at, scroll down on this site to "Click here for Tankard Tickets", then scroll down under Walkerton Golf and Club to buy tickets. Walkerton GCC will get a small portion of tickets sales. Thank you!

Our Volunteers Fuel Us!

Being a volunteer based club, our members must reach their minimum number of volunteer hours per year. When reached, members can receive their post-dated cheque back or initial volunteer payment refunded.

With this said, we do encourage all members be as active as possible. It is an excellent way to meet people and help the club be the absolute best it can be for everyone.

Current members can view current volunteer activities by visiting our volunteer section of the site, or by visiting us at the club.

The Walkerton Curling Club is a volunteer based club that features four sheets of well maintained ice that play host to many bonspiels throughout the winter months.

In addition to excellent ice and friendly members we offer a seating area, change rooms, banquet facilities and have plenty of free parking. Our club has a great reputation and we would be thrilled to welcome you aboard.

If there is any information you are unable to locate here on our website, contact us by phone (1 (519) 881-0709) or email ( and we will be happy to get back to you.


There are no upcoming events at this time.


Check out the following videos and learn more about the great sport of curling.


Curling is well known as being a sport that promotes good sportsmanship and friendly courteous rivalries. If you are unsure of the etiquette that goes along with the game of curling, the information below should prove valuable.

  • Each game of curling begins with both teams giving handshakes to all of the opposing teams players.
  • Players should be on time. Ideally arriving prior to teams heading to the ice. Every other player depends on you.
  • As you enter the ice arena, it is important that you clean your shoes prior to stepping onto the ice. You also want to clean your brush throughout the game as debris on the ice can cause unwanted behavior of moving rocks. With that said, you cannot remove any foreign objectts from beneath a moving stone or one that has come to rest after being thrown.
  • After your opponent has thrown their stone, you can begin to get your stone ready for your shot. Be sure not to disrupt the opposing players shot in any way. Stand between the hog lines when your opponenent throws their stone. One their stone has passed the hog line, you may head to the hack to begin preparing for your shot. Start by cleaning your rock, wiping any debris away from its surface.
  • Do not disrupt the opposing sweepers in any way during a shot. Be sure to stay out of their path
  • Sweepers should always be ready to sweep during a shot, if called upon. Stay with the stone the entire way to the house, whethe not you are sweeping.
  • When in the house, opposing skips and vices need to keep themselves and their brooms still while opponents are throwings. You do not want to disrupt the opposing teams shot in any way.
  • If you have touched a moving stone, either with your broom or yourself, you must declare you did so. This is called a burned or fouled rock and must be stopped prior to contact with any other rock or entering the house.
  • If you have accidently touched and moved a stationary stone, say so immediately so that it can be placed back into its original position to the approval of the opposing teams skip.
  • When a good shot is made, congratulate players, whether they be on your team or not. Even in another rink if you are close.
  • Do not put down any player for a missed shot. Players get better with practice and frustrations can hinder a players performance.
  • At the end of the game you once again give handshakes to both teammates and opponents.

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